It’s official: we’re on hiatus!

As has perhaps been obvious for a while – The Cutlery Drawer is currently on hiatus until such a time that the organisers are able to dedicate an appropriate amount of time and resources to running events smoothly and keeping them accessible (both financially and in terms of accommodating people who need e.g. step-free access and quiet rooms). Unfortunately, poor health and other commitments mean that The Cutlery Drawer needs to continue waiting on the back burner for now. We ‘ll hopefully be back eventually – we look forward to seeing you on the other side!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for similar events, why not check out these?

Transpose - organised by CN Lester, Transpose takes place every few months at different venues around London and showcases trans and trans-allied musicians, poets, writers, filmmakers, and artists! The most recent Transpose was the Valentine’s Day edition, ‘To Russia With Love’ at the Lumen URC, which raised money for IGLYO; the next one is April 6th at the Tate Modern.

Quiltbag Cabaret – taking place every month in East Oxford Community Centre, Quiltbag Cabaret is a queer and feminist space with performances (poetry, music, comedy) and collaborative arts and crafts taking place at each event. The most recent event was on the 8th of February and raised money for PACE; the next event will be on March 15th and raise money for Oxford International Women’s Festival.

FemRock – FemRock is a monthly queer and feminist community event featuring Brighton’s best female-fronted music, plus spoken word from performers of all genders. The latest event was on January 7th and raised money for LaDIYfest Brighton; the next event is on February 19th and will raise money for Mind Out.

And finally, if you’d like to follow the adventures of Cutlery Drawer founder Hel Gurney, their blog can be found here!

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