New year, new plans

Happy new year, everyone!

In 2012, we moved away from the London focus of 2011 and took two awesome fundraising shows to Brighton and Cambridge. So what’s in the pipeline for the coming year?

  • Gigs in Brighton, London, and anywhere else in the UK that wants us – in aid of amazing causes like Albert Kennedy Trust and local rape crisis centres.
  • We’re hoping to finally collaborate on an event in the Midlands with our friends at Rolling Head Promotions – stay tuned!
  • We have a recording of the Cambridge show, and are still working out the best way to use it (ideas include selling it as a DVD and/or download, putting clips on YouTube, or maybe even using it in a Kickstarter project!)
  • A new sibling project is on its way – it’s been on the back burner for a while, but now we’d like to start turning up the heat! Accessibility has always been a cornerstone of our events, and in the process of running The Cutlery Drawer, it’s become clear that finding fully accessible venues (particularly on a budget) is nigh-on impossible. So we’d like to fix this. If you’re interested in helping with a website aimed at promoters, private event organisers, and venue owners/managers that provides accurate acccessibility information for venues across the UK and guidance on making events/venues accessible to all, please do get in touch via comments, email, Facebook, or Twitter!

Thanks for reading! As ever, if you’re interested in performing at our events, would like to invite us to fundraise for you, or have any other skills/resources/information you’d like to offer, then please contact us. I’d like to publicly thank everyone who has done so in the past year – from performing to flyering, from catering to offering performers crash-space, from inviting your friends along to inviting us to fundraise for your LGBT+ library. You’re all amazing, and you make The Cutlery Drawer what it is. I can’t wait to spend the next year changing the world with you, one step at a time.

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