Moulin Rage III: Sedition on the Seafront – 18th July

A mere month after venturing off to Cambridge, the Cutlery Drawer comes down to the seaside for what we hope will be the first of many Brighton gigs! Reuniting a number of performers from the original Moulin Rage a year on, it’s sure to be a fantastic night – and all proceeds go to Survivor’s Network, the rape and sexual assault support service for Brighton and Hove.

WHEN: 7-11pm, 18th July 2012
TICKETS: £6 (£4 concs/unwaged) – buy here!
VENUE: The Brunswick, 1-3 Holland Road, BN3 1JF
FACEBOOK: click here!


The Mechanisms – immortal space-pirates on the run from their mad creator: blending steampunk, dieselpunk, folk, rock, and more than a dash of the theatrical.

Lashings of Ginger Beer Time – radical queer feminist burlesque collective: luxe Victoriana drag, thigh-high fetish boots, Broadway optimism and 21st-century political rage. Song, dance, stand-up, and sketches: titillation for the brain.

CN Lester – soulful and sensual musician: heartbreaking vocals, haunting piano, stripped-down alternative sound.

Sally Outen – hilarious transfeminist stand-up comedian: unpicking gendered expectations with the aid of velociraptors, moles, flies, snails, and cardboard cut-outs!

… and a selection of local poets, to be announced shortly!

ACCESSIBILITY: The Brunswick is wheelchair-accessible. The gig will take place in a room adjoining the main pub, which can be found through a door to the right of the bar area. Our room has its own toilets, which will be gender-liberated for the duration of the event. There is also a wheelchair-accessible toilet in the main pub, to the left of the bar area. We regret that there is no designated quiet space available: however, if someone requires supervised quiet space for access reasons, please contact us beforehand or approach a volunteer on the night and we will do our best to arrange something for you.

THE CAUSE: Survivor’s Network provides support in the Brighton and Hove area for female survivors of sexual abuse (whether recent or childhood), as well as the partners, families, and other supporters of survivors. They welcome trans women and are currently in the process of working out policy on survivors with other trans identities . They are currently seeking more volunteers, particularly those with relevant experience with LGBT issues.


5 Responses to “Moulin Rage III: Sedition on the Seafront – 18th July”

  1. Quick question…

    Will there be any stalls available for those few who make items of the burlesque persuasion? I would be interested & would be willing to donate a % of any profits made…. My friend Vicki at the Survivors Network said it would be worth enquiring!

  2. Hi Becky, thanks for your question! I’d be interested to know more about what you’re selling before committing either way – do you have a website I could look at? On the one hand, I’m a fan of supporting small businesses (and on that note am very glad to have had Clancey’s Catering at my last event) – on the other, it would depend on the precise nature of what you’re selling and how you’re selling it. (Also, Lashings are very different from Dita-style Neo-Burlesque – while they sometimes do make with the feathers and the corsetry, they’re just as often performing in plaid shirts and dungarees… Have a look at this awesome blog entry by Sebastienne if you’re interested: )
    Anyway, the upshot is: maybe! Perhaps you could drop me an email on rattletheforks(at)gmail(dot)com?

  3. Ooh, just spotted you left an email address. I’ll send you an email now. :)

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