Moulin Rage Cambridge – the final count…

After re-counting all the change and doing a little bit of rounding-up, we are pleased to announce that we took £316 for the Harry Harris LGBT+ Library! With venue hire and performer expenses, this amounts to £244 going straight into more books and resources for this amazing project.

If you’d like to donate anything (money, books, zines, DVDs) to the library, please contact lgbt-librarian(at)cusu(dot)ac(dot)uk!

I’d also like to make a public and heartfelt expression of gratitude to the heroic Alex Brett, without whom neither the Library nor this fundraiser would have happened. Alex invited The Cutlery Drawer to come to Cambridge, and took on work that would have been very difficult for me to do without spending significant time/money coming up from Brighton, such as finding a verifiably accessible venue and sourcing sound tech equipment. Alex was also able to recommend and book a number of the excellent local acts who performed, and generally shouldered a lot of administrative work. Thank you so much, Alex!

Finally, there have been a few edits to the pages on this site, and a brand new page to collect all our flyers – let us know what you think.

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  1. Aww, thank you :-)

    And to be clear — the initial library fund with which we got started was £300. Moulin Rage Cambridge effectively enables us to *double* the size of our collection, in addition to helping us invest in a few more expensive (but really valuable! [pun, grone]) items. Hurrah :D Thank you so, so much to you all. <3

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